Easter – LA Style

Sep 1, 2013

Easter – LA Style

Sep 1, 2013

This post is dedicated to how we celebrated Easter quarantine 2020.

To be honest, we don’t usually do a whole lot on Easter anyways, but it does feel extra weird being pretty much confined to our house. With that said, it is our first Easter with Briar (7 months old), and even though he will have NO idea what happened, I wanted to take some photographs to show him when he is older.

Trying to be a good mom over here, and last minute purchased him two items on Amazon. These are really the first “toys” I have purchased for him and I have to say they are a HIT! I have linked them below.

No matter what you celebrate I think we all can agree that cherishing our families, and ourselves is what is most important. Below are some things to do to enjoy your time together. We will be here for awhile.










If you are feeling extra DIY-y then here is a fun thing to do that doesn’t involve buying a bunch of disposable plastic eggs. As seen on

Wooden eggs available HERE.

Finish: by sealing with beeswax. 


This could be family walks, sitting out in your backyard if you have one. We are going to purchase a swing below for Briar to put in our front yard tree. Sip some rosé outside, on your deck/patio, porch or whatever. Just get your ass outside.


This is so so so simple, but being trapped inside with my husband kind of makes me not smile sometimes. If you know what I mean. Remember to be affectionate and use positive affirmations.


Listen to music to uplift your soul. This could be rap, gospel, pop or whatever. I get soothed by hip hop and rap. This could also mean playing Baby Shark in the morning so that the baby stops screaming.


Clean in a happy way, not an angry way. Do some light cleaning and organizing to clear your head! Don’t forget to tackle small tasks at a time. If you think about all the things at once it is easy to get overwhelmed, and well – not actually do anything.


Duh. Well, I mean this could mean drink tea, coffee, kombucha, or La Croix, but mostly drink a cocktail or some wine. 


Just try it, maybe once a week to start. I mean I don’t go full on, but maybe a pair of your “big” jeans and a t-shirt. If you’re feeling really bold maybe some tinted bb cream or something.

That’s all I have for now. See below tagged items and links.




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